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April 16th, 2022, Saturday, 9:00 AM
The Rapid Business Growth Blueprint Workshop is a SHORTCUT to Sales Momentum.
Instead of going through endless modules in outdated courses that only cover one tactic — either ads, or sales, or emails, or pricing...

Instead of going through 10-day challenges where the CORE content is diluted and long winded...

We give you MORE practical breakthroughs than most "$$$ courses", and FASTER than any challenge out there.
Give Us ONE MORNING And And Walk Away With The Full Blueprint Of A 7-Figure Client Attraction System
  • "YES! I'm ready to Remove Any Money Blocks So I Can Command Premium Prices Without Feeling 'Guilty'"
  • "YES! I Want To Dial In My 'Magnetic Messaging' To Attract The Right Clients, And Repel The Wrong Ones"
  • "YES! I'm Ready To Create My Own 'Godfather Offer' To Confidently Raise Your Prices AND Make Sales Easier"
  • "YES! I Want To Use A Proven And Simple Paid Ads Strategy To Bring Dozens Of Leads Consistently And Predictably."
  • "YES! I'm Ready To Learn The 'Effortless Enrollment System' To Close $3k-$10k Sales, Even If I'm An Introvert"
  • "YES! I Want To Use The Same Email Strategy That Top Coaches And Consultants Use Every Day To Turn Leads Into Paying Clients"
  • "YES! I'm Ready To Use The Full Blueprint Of A 7-Figure Client Attraction System, And Not Be Confused Anymore With All The Moving Parts In A Funnel"
You can lay the foundation in just one powerful day and radically transform your business so you can do all these things (and more).
What if...
What if you reading this right now could make a difference between…

The college you get to send your kids to?

Or between paying off a student loan or a mortgage in 2 years instead of 20?

Or between finally taking that nice vacation instead doing “staycations” because of the hustle and grind?

Well, if you’re a coach, consultant, expert, or service provider, that’s exactly what this COULD mean for you.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and producing CRAZY results with them...

I've realized that business success is nice, but what’s really great about what we do is the snowball effect that success has.

Like sending their kids to good colleges, buying their first investment properties, taking the family on a vacation (and making sales while they're there, on auto-pilot!)

I know It may all seem like a distant idea right now…

But that’s what I see happening for our clients!

Just see for yourself 👇
We could go on for ages...
(**) These results are not typical or guaranteed. Just anecdotes from our clients! :-)
What if we could trade places?
We take your business and you take ours.

** Poof! ** Just Like That…

You get our multi 7-figure business...

The one that generates multiple 6-figures in revenue every single month...

And we take your business.

Do you know what would happen?
    What if we could trade places?
    I take your business and you take mine.

    ** Poof! ** Just Like That…

    You get my multi 7-figure business...

    The one that generates multiple 6-figures in revenue every single month...

    And I take your business.

    Do you know what would happen?
    This is what would probably happen:

    ➤ We would start getting clients paying $3 - 10k for your services within days.

    ➤ After six months give or take, we’d be making six figures per month.

    ➤ And we’d hit a milli probably in a year or two.

    Now, this is NOT a promise of results, and I don’t say this to brag…

    But that’s basically what we do for our clients over, and over, and over, and over again.

    We get them off the income roller coaster, and build client attraction systems with them.

    Like this one 👇
    That way...

    No matter where they are, in what mood they are, if they take days off or not...

    Minute after minute….

    Day after day….

    Month after month…

    Leads and sales just keep rolling in.

    Now, we can’t really trade places, but we can do the next best thing.

    I cannot give you our business, but I can give you our full blueprint 👇
    Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What Our Clients Say:
    If you’ve been following me any amount of time, and seen our client success stories, you know those numbers aren’t farfetched and are beyond realistic!

    In fact, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with us.
    Kantis Simmons 
    Tara Reed
    Jasmine Womack
    Courtney Herring-Bowden
    J. Lopez
    Felicia Kelly 
    A lot of people mistakenly believe that their business problems are unique, which is why they never really receive the support they need to get to the next level.

    But most businesses struggle because of 1 core problem: the lack of qualified leads that convert into clients.

    Join us on April 16th, from the comfort or your home or office, so we can show you how to solve that problem inside your business at The Rapid Business Growth Blueprint.
    Who is this guy anyway?
    Arguably one of the best when it comes to revenue growth for coaches and consultants, Marquel Russell is a multimillion-dollar revenue generator, author, digital marketer and coach who has earned the title, “King of Client Attraction.” 

    As the founder of the infamous Client Attraction University and the creator of his leads-on-demand signature S.F.M. marketing methodology, Marquel is known for his innate talent of drenching clients in a downpour of qualified leads, clients and profits. 

    He is also the author of The Millionaire Expert!,​ a must-have resource that revolutionizes the way entrepreneurs approach lead generation and sales in their businesses, debunking the myth that executing an effective marketing strategy requires a hefty ad budget. 

    Whether seeking to open doors to increased profits or close gaps in their sales process, coaches and consultants count on Marquel’s teachings to achieve the financial freedom and success they want – all while working 50% less.

    And his growing list of hundreds of client success stories and a client return on investment continues to prove that he truly has the client attraction game on lock.

    In just a few short years, he has built a marketing education empire on the belief that any coach, consultant or service provider can attract premium clients with the right client attraction system. 

    And while he and his clients have achieved tremendous success, he’s not done yet. You see, Marquel is on a nonstop mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs add an extra $1 Million to their annual revenue.

    And with clients already using his strategies and methods to generate more than $100 million in revenue, it’s clear he and his team are well on their way to hitting their goal, despite Marque's atypical background. 

    A walking billboard for the lyrics “started from the bottom now I’m here,” Marquel went from high school dropout and former drug dealer to multimillion-dollar digital marketer and coach. 

    When he’s not teaching coaches and consultants how to pull in more profits with less hustle, you can find him jet setting around the world with his family and empowering at-risk, inner-city youth to take control of their futures. 

    Ready to break through the six-figure ceiling and grow your coaching or consulting business – all while freeing up your busy schedule and crossing financial freedom off your goal list forever?

    Join Marquel and his team for The Rapid Business Growth Blueprint.

    See What Our Clients Are Saying

    Apryl Beverly
    Christy Rutherford
    David Shands
    Tammi & Sheldon
    Kelly Cole
    Kendall Ficklin
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    These tickets sell out extremely fast, so click the button below and grab yours now!
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